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About TextWiz


TextWiz is a handy little Java application that can manipulate texts in a couple of different ways. First of all the program offers case manipulation, i.e. changing text (or parts of it) to upper case, lower case, capital first letters or even inverted case, where all letters change their case to the other.


Example of upper case manipulation:

this is a text    THIS IS A TEXT



Secondly TextWiz can change the length of a text by adding or subtracting space characters between either single letters or complete words of the text.


Example of length manipulation:

this is a text    t h i s   i s   a   t e x t



Other features of TextWiz are about changing the content of a text in a certain way. It can for example repeat individual letters or parts of a text an arbitrary number of times at the same spot. Also it can reverse a text back and forth.



System Requirements


To run TextWiz Java Runtime Environment version 5.0 (1.5.0) - or just or "J2SE 5.0" for short - is required to be installed. The best thing here is to always have the newest update of Java installed to ensure the stability of the application. If you don't have Java 5.0 you can get it here.





TextWiz is an open source application and that means it is free for anyone to use. The latest version of TextWiz can be downloaded from the File Releases section of the TextWiz project page here.



The Project Page


The TextWiz project page on Sourceforge is located here. It offers more details on the project, the latest news & developments, a discussion forum, screenshots of different versions and other useful information.